Monday, 16 August 2010

Blue and White beads

I have been making some blue and white beads to make a bracelet for my friends birthday (she has a blue and white flower print top). I made a pair of simple matching earrings too.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Faux turquoise spoons

Originally uploaded by surfingcat clay
We made these 2 spoons a while ago but only did the last bit of paint application last night.

The one on the left was made by my good friend Ruth and the one on the right is mine. She was more delicate with her paint application and her sanding and it looks more organic and natural than mine. Needless to say I like the lumpy organic nature of hers and she likes the brightness of mine.

I made some more faux turquoise things including quite a lot of 'tumble chip beads'.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday today and we have lots of things planned (mainly revolving round food it seems). I got some lovely presents; ice cream maker, an amaco bead baking rack and some money to pay for some polymer clay workshops. I have just booked to go to Christine Dumont's Pods and Cocoons workshop in London in a few weeks. I am very much enjoying life - just need to find some more time to play with my polymer clay as well.

hope you are all having a good weekend and I look forward to sharing my latest couple of projects with you soon


Friday, 6 August 2010

Striped blue cane

Originally uploaded by surfingcat clay
It's the school holidays and the kids are home keeping me busy!! we've had a week camping with our friends and done lot of swimming. We have only played with some polymer clay a bit making some tiny bones which we have been playing treasure hunts with and enclosing in treasure rocks (rock like salt dough) to excavate.

Tonight I finally felt awake enough to play with my clay. I am working on a blue and white project. Here is two of the canes I made for it - spot the difference between them? Amazing the difference an extra layer of blue made. I was rushing a bit so the stripes could of been more even (note to self - don't rush!)