Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Polymer Pamper and Play

I have just booked my place on the UK's first polymer clay retreat - Polymer Pamper and Play. Here's the brochure if you are interested in coming too (click on the image to enlarge it)

The workshops will be taught by Carol Blackburn and Christine Dumont. you can find more information on Debbie Carlton's (who is organising it along with Rebecca Thickbroom) blog

for more information or to book a place please contact Rebecca  on 07902 155 280 or  - let her know you saw it here. 

Places are limited and being offered on a first come first served basis 

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


(I am supposed to be busy - distracting myself with catching up with blogging)

About a year ago, I spent some time (OK probably several days or even weeks!) browsing photos of amazing polymer clay work on Flickr and decided to set  off on my journey from being someone who was playing with clay to someone who could create amazing things.

I love flickr, I check everyday to see what new delights my contacts have created. I can see images from artists from all over the world. There are thousands of groups for anything and everything but there wasn't one for just polymer clay work from the UK - so I started one. If you live in the UK please join the group and add some photos so we can show our collective talent

Here's some images already in the group (thanks ladies!)
Lindly Haunani bubbles necklace set
Lindly Haunani bubble necklace by FloRaeMe

Leaf Pendant 4
Leaf Pendant by Ghost Shift

One bead three colour ways

I did a little experiment today to see how the colours looked with these 'Natalia' beads. The top row has green inside the second row has turquoise inside and the bottom row is the 2 beads alternatively stung so 1 green inside, 1 turquoise inside etc.

I thought there would be more visiual difference between the 3 different colourways. They are different but on first glance it's not apparent as it's the overall colours you see not their placement. Nice to know I don't have to think about it so hard in future ;)
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Purple and green jewellery set

Here's some green and purple jewellery I made using the technique I learnt from Natalia Garcia de Leaniz  at Polymer Plays Days in Nottingham earlier this year.

Yes a hat pin! But can also been worn as a brooch or decorating a bag.

You may recognise these colours as being the project which produced the scrap clay for the lentil pendant I showed you recently.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Ring türkis - just had to share it

Ring türkis
Originally uploaded by Edelchen
I love to browse through pictures of people polymer clay work on flickr, there are so many amazingly talented people out there.

I often spot something I want to look at again and add it to my favourites. When I saw this photo it jumped off the screen at me! I just had to share it with you. Not quite sure exactly what it is about it, turquoise is my favourite colour (as you can probably tell;) It's by Edelchen, Christine Michel.

More zebra

You may have noticed that I am fairly keen on zebra print jewellery. Here's even more!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Purple scrap swirl

Here's a pendant I made with some scraps from another project. I was rather taken with it, the little crystal dangles in just the right shade of purple (took the pendant to the shop to buy them!). It was sanded to a beautiful high gloss and felt wonderful. Needless to say about the 3rd person to see it bought it!
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