Monday, 27 February 2012

Experimental Eggs

I'm thinking Easter. I'm thinking I don't want to have to  blow hundreds of eggs - it's hard work! So I bought some children's plastic eggs, the cheap kind that are meant for hiding sweets in so they are hinged, and oven tested them. Survived a baking so time to test covering them. Covered with a layer of scrap clay just to be sure, all seemed well.

I made a quick mokume gane sheet rather than covering it in cane slices and I am glad  as I found that when I was trying to smooth the egg it popped open! Even with the layer of scrap clay under it which I assumed would hold it together. This egg hasn't been baked, I smoothed over the join and then textured it. I lost some of the best bits of pattern shaving off the really lumpy bits:( I am sure if I did bake it the egg would still pop open, ruining it (not sure what I will do with it - if you've go at suggestion please let me know!)

Not to be defeated I shall experiment, perhaps trying to glue the join shut first or maybe filling the egg so it is a little more rigid, it's quite flimsy plastic. Or maybe I will make a mould and not cover anything at all. Anyway I am sure you will see more eggs, and hopefully they will be less bumpy, and hopefully I won't be red in the face from blowing eggs!

This is my thing for day 27 of the February Thing a Day challenge I have been taking part in on the PCC forum. Only another 2 days to go. I've really enjoyed the challenge, loved having a good excuse to have to get the polymer clay out everyday. Even when I am really tired I find I am glad I did play with my clay. I will give you a run down of my latest pieces at the end of February.

Are you thinking about Easter yet?

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More things....

Here's some more of the things I've made for my thing a day challenge. I am really enjoying the challenge and so far have made something everyday without having to cheat. Sometimes it's a cane, sometimes it's finishing something already started and some days it's a something from start to finish.

TAD 15 Kali beads and pearls - close up

If you want to see all of my Things for February so far, and another one added daily (I hope!) you can find them in this Flickr set

Sunday, 19 February 2012

And the winner is....

The winner of my letter charm giveaway is.... Kirstin Miller! Congratulations a K will be on it's way to you sometime soon. I am sure it will be delighted to come see all your wonderfully cute creatures! If you haven't seen the amazing polymer clay creations Kirstin makes go check out  Quernus Crafts.
Teacup mouse by Kirstin Miller

I am also going to give away a bonus one to Pippa because she was the only one who commented here, and on facebook and  pinned it on pinterest (that I know about -do let me know if you did too and I missed it). Thank you Pippa I am guessing you were keen to win one! Likewise if you haven't seen Pippa's beautiful jewellery go check out Pips

Abundance in Green and Gold
Abundance bracelet by Pips

I will be in touch with you both to get your postal addresses.

Thank you to everyone else who took the time to comment or pin, I'm sorry you couldn't all win. I do enjoy doing giveaways so I am sure you will get another chance soon!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Thing a day - some of my things so far

I am taking part in a Thing a Day (TAD) for February challenge on the PCC forum and have really been enjoying it. So far I have managed to make something everyday and I am really enjoying it. I have posted them all in my Flikr set Thing a Day February 2012 but thought I would share a few of them here too so you can see what I have been up to. That's not all of them - go to flickr if you want to see them all. Kids are on school holidays this week, I am aiming to keep up with the TAD but might struggle to blog too. I will update you with my latest things soon. Have a good week!
Stud earrings with resin
Here's what I did with those buttons

Heart brooch

Flower bud earrings

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Letter tester - Giveaway!

My thing a day for yesterday was this little letter charm, it's about 2.5cm tall and on a little lobster clasp so it can be clipped on, it was made to add to an existing keyring but it could be clipped anywhere!

Lots of people have been commenting on it and I think they would make a great little gift. Being so small I am a little worried about their durability if they were to be clipped onto a keyring for example. So I figure I need to make a few different letters and test them out to make sure they are OK.

This is where you come in - would you mind road testing a letter charm? I will give some to friends whose name have the right letters ;) but thought it would be a nice little giveaway too.

So in order to be a letter charm tester leave me a comment here or on my facebook page , or pin the image to pinterest (you can do all  3 of course for more chance to win!). If you don't already follow this blog, or like me on facebook I would be really grateful if you would do that too, it really makes my day when people do. I will need to know the letter you would like to test and have a way of getting in touch with you. The winner will be picked at random on Sunday 19th February (it's kids school holiday next week so can't guarantee I will have time - gives you extra time to enter too). If you win I will send you a custom made letter of your choice and will require you to clip it on somewhere and respond to a couple of emails over the next few months from me to find out how it is.

Right off to make my thing for today...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Electric Zebra Flower

For my thing a day challenge I was experimenting with canes. I came up with this and I rather like it! I think it's quite striking. Normally if I am experimenting I photograph the stages so I can recreate it if it works out. I didn't this time but I think I can remember so I am off to try and recreate it!

I put this picture together so you could see the back and the front which are subtly different. The little petal dangle is on the end of an extension chain which not only allows for some variation in length of pendant but helps to keep the clasp at the back. Not sure I like all the words, is it too fussy?  

This was my thing a day for day 5 of February. You can see all the other things I have made each day in this flickr set. It has been quite hard to keep up as I have been ill, luckily some things were quite quick and some things were started and just needed finishing. I am enjoying the challenge and like that it makes me finish things, it saves things from going into those dreaded boxes of part made things - the to be sanded box, the holes needing drilled box, the I don't know what to do with this box!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Thing a day challenge - day 1

I decided to take part in the Thing A Day challenge on the Polymer Clay Central forum. It's for the month of February only, not the whole year which would be far too much of a commitment for me. Luckily this will work alongside the pair of earrings a week challenge as one of my days creations will be some earrings! I don't think I will blog about every single day, I don't want to overload you!  If you want to see all of them you can go check my new Flickr Set - Thing a Day February 2012 or Pinterest board . (Oh dear I am a bit obsessed with Pinterest at the moment! There are just so many lovely things to look at! ). I will try and upload the photos on a daily basis but this will be tricky over weekends and school holidays so might have to post a bunch together sometimes but I am going to aim for actually making something everyday!

Anyway enough chat! Along side a mess - here's my creation for today

Pin It  

Six little buttons, about 12mm in diameter. They are for a special crochet project that will be revealed when it's finished! Crochet is what I do when I am kept away from clay, my travel craft if you like.

What have you created today?