Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Letter tester - Giveaway!

My thing a day for yesterday was this little letter charm, it's about 2.5cm tall and on a little lobster clasp so it can be clipped on, it was made to add to an existing keyring but it could be clipped anywhere!

Lots of people have been commenting on it and I think they would make a great little gift. Being so small I am a little worried about their durability if they were to be clipped onto a keyring for example. So I figure I need to make a few different letters and test them out to make sure they are OK.

This is where you come in - would you mind road testing a letter charm? I will give some to friends whose name have the right letters ;) but thought it would be a nice little giveaway too.

So in order to be a letter charm tester leave me a comment here or on my facebook page , or pin the image to pinterest (you can do all  3 of course for more chance to win!). If you don't already follow this blog, or like me on facebook I would be really grateful if you would do that too, it really makes my day when people do. I will need to know the letter you would like to test and have a way of getting in touch with you. The winner will be picked at random on Sunday 19th February (it's kids school holiday next week so can't guarantee I will have time - gives you extra time to enter too). If you win I will send you a custom made letter of your choice and will require you to clip it on somewhere and respond to a couple of emails over the next few months from me to find out how it is.

Right off to make my thing for today...


  1. HIi Cara, I've left s message on fb and pinned it also! I would love the letter K because my daughter Katie would love it! This is fun. the letter is beautiful and I am sure will prove to be really durable.

  2. I collect (big surprise) jewelry with the initial "M", so I am jumping on the giveaway train. Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful! It's a great idea beautifully done! -Marlene

  3. I love this idea! My first thought was to try making a manly one for my boyfriend for Vday. He love's when I make him stuff, but it's always hard to come up with ideas. The wheels are spinning now, in the mean time, if you want to try a D, I'd be more then happy to be a tester. Your work is always so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much!

  4. Hi Cara! I'd love to test a letter E! I'm off to FB you now too! aka EK Hil. Thx for the generousity!

  5. hellllo. i would love to test a letter C.. cant use pin ot for some reasonbut have commented and shared. more importantly,i want to say... I LOVE your work. its beautiful. i'm a novice to polymer clay, you are an inspiration x x

    charlie maber, facebook x x

  6. Hi Cara
    You are awesome! I very new at this, and you are a great inspirations.
    I would love to test an M!!!

  7. Forgot to leave a contact email:
    thank you!


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