Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Thing a day challenge - day 1

I decided to take part in the Thing A Day challenge on the Polymer Clay Central forum. It's for the month of February only, not the whole year which would be far too much of a commitment for me. Luckily this will work alongside the pair of earrings a week challenge as one of my days creations will be some earrings! I don't think I will blog about every single day, I don't want to overload you!  If you want to see all of them you can go check my new Flickr Set - Thing a Day February 2012 or Pinterest board . (Oh dear I am a bit obsessed with Pinterest at the moment! There are just so many lovely things to look at! ). I will try and upload the photos on a daily basis but this will be tricky over weekends and school holidays so might have to post a bunch together sometimes but I am going to aim for actually making something everyday!

Anyway enough chat! Along side a mess - here's my creation for today

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Six little buttons, about 12mm in diameter. They are for a special crochet project that will be revealed when it's finished! Crochet is what I do when I am kept away from clay, my travel craft if you like.

What have you created today?


  1. Beautiful buttons Cara! Cant wait to see all your thing a day things!!

  2. Love these buttons, Cara! Boy, you are certainly taking the challenges this year. I am barely making the 52 pair of earrings which I am a little behind on but plan to catch up! I know what you mean about Pinterest...I am really hooked on that...its been that way for the past couple of weeks when I started it! It all started when I went to yours to get some ideas for tutorial links for our guild newsletter. lol I will be keeping in touch to see all your polymer clay lovelies from your February Polymer Clay challenge...have fun claying!


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