Thursday, 3 February 2011

Rainbow stripe jellyroll cane

I'm off to an 1980's nightclub with the girls at the weekend so I have been feeling rather retro. Time to go all rainbow!

I have a few special projects in mind, I'll share them with you soon


  1. Thanks, me too, gone crazy with it! Going to have to make another one as it's all used up already. Will try and post some of my creations later.

    You going to Polymer, Pamper, Play in dorset? I hope so it'd be good to see you.

    must go and track down your magazine article - didn't have it in my local shop :(

  2. Hi. No not going to Polymer Pamper. It's a bit far for me.


  3. It's beautiful!!!
    I like it!!!
    sorry for my English


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