Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stroppel Cane takes over the world!

Some of you have probably seen the latest from Alice Stroppel, her Stroppel Cane which is a great way to use up all those little cane scraps to get a striking result! It seems to be everywhere at the moment, and rightly so it's a fantastic project!

I had a play with it today, just using the scraps from my workbench, from my current project (I posted a picture of my palette and inspiration here on facebook - I will share the rest with you later) - haven't even looked at the scraps I have hoarded, yet!

Here's my first attempt - not enough contrast as I used grey as my dividing sheets and there was a lot of grey in the project.

so I used pearl as the dividing colour, I love this cane! Thank you Alice!

In my excitement I have popped the things I made with it in to cure before I took photos - I'll have to show you those later.

Well looking round everyone has had a go, I'm not surprised it is such a fab cane, quick, easy and impressive!
Here's some from  my polymer friends

Stroppel Cane Slide
by Arty Becca

Large Dome Pendant - polymer clay Stroppel cane
by Elsie Smith

Sheet of Stropple Cane
Sheet of Stropel Cane by Pips

The Stroppel Cane Number 2
In pearl by Pips
by Cate Van Alphen

Alice Stroppel's scrap cane tute and bangle made from it 
by Randee M Ketzel

If you have some polymer clay scraps kicking around join the Stroppel Cane Revolution!


  1. Wow the world huh? not sure about that one, but sure about loving that everyone is having a good time. Thanks for the post and the link. And for showing all these fun canes.

  2. I have been meaning to try this as well. Perhaps on Friday.

  3. Every one is having so much fun with this!! Thanks for putting my attempts up here as well x

  4. Thanks for including me too :)

  5. Alice it sure is taking the polymer clay world (the important one lol)by storm, we are all having so much fun bring our scraps to life.

    Thank you all for your comments, it was my pleasure to share your work.

  6. I like the way some people have used a color other than black. It takes on a whole new look! I did make a cane but I haven't cut into it yet. It is on my to-do list.

  7. Just Blog hopping and saying hello:)

  8. Wow! White in between was my next move!!! Try placing the Stroppel canes on another piece of clay and streching it in the pasta machine. iT TAKES ON A REALLY COOL LOOK!
    Patti Underwood


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