Tuesday, 16 August 2011

whisking up a birthday present

Here's what I made with that curling petal cane

 I bought a pink silicon whisk, it had a plain metal handle, I made it a bit prettier
and here's a closer view of the handle.

Happy Birthday Helen!


  1. Te ha quedado muy bonito. Besos

  2. That's gorgeous Cara. I presume you popped the whisk bit out before baking as it is rubber!

  3. thank you, and thank you both for being such regular commenters, it's nice to read comments.

    Jo it's silicon which is oven hardy up to high temps but I did remember to test bake it first. On baking I discovered that the whisk bits and the hook on the other end fell out as they were held in place with some rubber. Covered the handle and baked it then glued the other bits back in with some epoxy glue (well I got my husband to do that I would of got glue everywhere!) Next one I will try and pop those bits out first.


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