Saturday, 27 August 2011

Getting technical - linking blog with facebook and twitter

One of my friends was telling me about the other day, it's a way of making one post appear on your blog, facebook, twitter, Flickr etc. I had a brief look at it, thought it might be a good time saver but filed it into the something to have a look at when I've got time category. Anyone used it?

Today I finally got round to activating my NetworkedBlogs blog link, by putting their widget on my blog (see right down their at the bottom on the left). It does much the same thing. Now in theory this blog post should automatically be posted to my facebook account, my facebook fan page (which I still haven't really got my head round) and my twitter (which I have largely ignored so far). Anyone use networked blogs?

There are so many different places on the internet to share information and pictures these days it's hard to know which ones are worth bothering with. I still spend a lot of time reading other peoples blogs (I don't comment quite so much these days but I still read them), I love to look at peoples pictures on Flickr and I spend a few minutes everyday on Pinterest. I check in on Facebook now and then and I try and visit the Polymer Clay Central message board as often as I can becuase it's a great source of inspiration and help.

I have a lot of things on this Autumn so I am going to have to be disciplined (eek not something that comes naturally to me!) about my online time. Hopefully I can streamline it a little but still keep up with most of what's going on. What do you make time for? Any tips on keeping up with it all and still having a life away from the computer?


  1. For a long time now I have used Networked Blogs to feed my blog link to facebook and twitter. I think it has been a couple of years. It works great. You can set it up to feed both to your profile and fan page on facebook.

  2. Hi Cara! I have just found you through the fishfest website. I am having a stall there too and was just reading through website...I use blogger and I have a twitter & facebook account. I find twitter really hard to keep up with and i can't figure out my facebook art page!I generally just focus on my blog but I'd like to link them all up...It is a lot to get your head around and easy to spend so much time on. I look forward to meeting you at the festival!


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