Monday, 5 September 2011

How to put a facebook like button on your blog

sorry for those of you not interested in all this tech stuff, I am just off to play with my clay so there will be some more creative updates soon!

First of all you need to get the HTML code to link to your facebook page from here -
You change the options as you wish and then click on get code. Copy it.

In blogger go to design (where you set how your blog looks) and click on one of the 'add a gadget' links. Scroll down the list until you see the HTML/JavaScript gadget and select it. It opens up a Configure HTML/JavaScript box where you paste the code you copied into the content section. What you type in the title section will be the text that appears above the button, in my case I wrote 'Join me on facebook'.

Hopefully that makes sense, if not google it there are plenty of guides out there.
have fun blogging


  1. Thanks I am off to try it now!

  2. I just tried it but it won't let me get the code. I have to have something texted to my cell phone but I have texting blocked from my phone. (too much spam was coming through). The other way is to give them a credit card. I don't think so.
    Oh well. Thanks for the tutorial on it anyway!

  3. Roberta I have emailed you direct. I didn't have to do anything with phones to get mine and certainly not a credit card - wonder what's going on there.


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