Saturday, 30 July 2011

Another special pen

A special pen for my niece's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Jessica!


  1. Es precioso, le va a gustar mucho. Besos

  2. Such a beautiful pen and I love the rainbow jellyroll cane. Jessica is one lucky niece!

  3. Cara, that pen is beautiful. Where did you get the pen to cover? I have a niece who is a lawyer and always wants interesting pens to use.

    Happy Birthday Jessica.

  4. Very pretty. Love the cane with rainbow and white.

  5. I love how you covered this pen, Cara!! Where did you get this pen you covered?? My sister works in a hospital...I'd LOVE to surprise her with a decorated pen! Do you have a website I can go to for the pens?
    Happy 21st Birthday, Jessica!
    Mary Clare

  6. Thank you Mary Clare. I get the executive pen kits from They are easy to cover, easy to assemble and the company have been reliable and helpful. Any wood turning supplier should have pen kits - they have a brass barrel which you cover with polymer clay - just watch the thickness of the covering. Have fun!


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