Thursday, 21 July 2011

Teacher presents

My children made present for their teachers to say thank you for such a wonderful year (they have both had amazing teachers this year lucky things!). I managed to persuade them to make spoons instead of necklaces, much more useful. Here they are:

My daughter who is 5 made all these things. She has 5 adults who work in her class and she adores them all! Her actual teacher got one of the flowery spoons and the necklace.

My son who is nearly 7 made these 2 teaspoons.

They are both very proud of their flower canes (I'm not surprised as they about the same as the flower canes I was making at about age 15 but then they have the benefit of my experience lucky things - can't wait to see what they're making at 15!). They are always wanting to sell their jewellery, I think I will try and find an opportunity for them to give it a go as they are making some pretty good stuff - look at these pendants

Cane and pendant made by James aged nearly 7

Cane and pendant made by Daisy aged 5

I am busy working on some special jewellery, I will show you soon. Hope you are all having fun playing with your clay!

Cara x


  1. Unos trabajos geniales, sobretodo teniendo en cuenta la edad de los artistas, Felicidades a la mamá. Besos

  2. Great teaspoon, just love it. XOX

  3. They did a wonderful must be very proud of them! Love all their creations!


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